MoD defend design of new Army uniform

The Ministry of Defence has hit back at criticisms of the new British Army uniforms described as being ill-fitting and poorly designed.

Many troops have complained about the design of the recently-issued uniform to the Army's in-house Magazine 'Solder'. It has already been labelled as a "fashion faux-pas" and compared to those worn by action figures by senior members of the Army.  

However, in a statement issued to the Daily Telegraph, an MoD spokesperson claims the body has "welcomed" the feedback from troops.

Defending the controversial design of the uniforms, the statement read: "The new combat uniform was specially designed to better accommodate that latest body armour and be easier to wear on the frontline.

"It is issued to service personnel in addition to barrack dress, which provides a smarter alternative for when troops are not on operations."

According to The Mail Online, The MoD have invested around £40 million in the kit, with thousands more having possibly been spent by troops on military kit insurance.

Thousands of servicemen have already been issued with the new kit and it will eventually be rolled out to everyone serving in the British Army.

One common criticism of the uniform is that they look 'too American' when left hanging out.

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